Middlesbrough a no show at Blackburn Rovers

This one has been provided by the guys at online betting sites one of their favourite Premier League moments was back on the 21st of Decembers Middlesbrough actually didnt turn up for the match, now its common for fans to say that there team didnt actually turn up today well this was actually the case in this Premier League game. The flu was going around the Middlesbrough training camp and the vast majority of the team ended up coming down with a sickness. This led to then manager Bryan Robson to call up and say he was unable to field a team due to the lack of players. However this wasnt the worst thing to happen the FA werent happy with what Bryan Robson had to say and they ending up docking hte club 3 points with an additional fine of £50,000. One more thing, rubbing salt into the wound Middlebrough were actually relegated at the end of the season with them being 2 points away from safety.

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