Ronny Rosenthal becomes infamous

Back in 1992 in september Ronny Rosenthal became one of the most infamous players in the Liverpool starting team, if you head over to google and type in his name you wont get the suggestion of hat-trick or 20 yard header instead what you will get is Ronny Rosenthals miss. It was Liverpool against Aston Villa and Rosenthal has the ball to himself in front of an empty net, now a player of this caliber the crowd were not heir feet ready to celebrate a goal but that just wasn’t the case, instead he showed how clumsy he could be completely scuffing the shot after beating the keeper and instead of smashing it over or wide he went to place the shot (like a good striker should do) and instead he ended up hitting the cross bar. This guy even made missing a shot look good, but at the end of the day this should’ve been an easy goal.

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